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Published on 24 April 2023 at 19:03
Personal Power method, new colours!

My new colours!


Colour in my creations!

For me, colour and creativity go hand in hand! Often I already know which colours to choose when I have an idea in my head. I always make a drawing or sketch of a design so I can write the colours down. The basic colours are already known, it is still about the matching colours of, for example, for the shoes or a bag.

Very often I reach for the colour blue. Blue, like any other colour, naturally consists of many shades of colour. I like every colour blue!

I also like a lot of earth colours, such as brown tones and green tones, also because my creations have a lot to do with nature. If you look at my Funny Girl and Funny Guy, you will also see the brighter colours in it! I love colour!


Click on the pictures, they will directly lead you to the patterns!

Colour on my website!

Colour and creativity always go together as a package deal! For my website I used magenta combined with grey and green. I chose Magenta because it also radiates creativity and stands out. 

A while back I came into contact with the Personal Power Method. Based on a lot of questions you answer about yourself, you will find out which colours really suit you. You can use these colours not only for yourself but of course also for your company or website.

This Personal Power Method showed that I am an Earth Type with 2 earth colours Petrol and Indigo. This is complemented by 2 water colours: Turquoise and Blue and 1 balance colour: Camel. This is called a blueprint. Looking at the big picture, I think it's a super blueprint! This is really me! Down to the smallest details!


I tested the colours on my English website, this website, and showed them to several people in my area. They all agreed. These colours give more coherence, radiate more peace and really show who I am.

In the meantime, I have also started to provide my Dutch website with these colours: . A lot can be changed at once, but it also remains a lot of manual work. Take a look at one of the two websites and let me know what you think!

Over time, you will see that the colour Magenta has all but disappeared on my website!

Colour: My love for the Coast!

Colour and creativity go hand in hand! Based on the Personal Power Method, a blueprint for me has been determined with my power colours! I have both feet on the ground: I'm an earth type!

I am strongly connected to the colours Petrol and Indigo. I can combine this with the water colours Turquoise and Blue, with camel as the balance colour! At first I didn't like the colour Camel, but looking at the 5 colours I suddenly saw a beach with sea in front of me, with a beautiful blue sky above it!

Crochet book, Dutch only

With these 5 colours, my love for the Beach and the Sea is immediately visible.

Unnoticed, I have already made a lot of designs that have something to do with the Coast. Just take my Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine On the Coast, this one is full of creations that all have something to do with the coast.

In addition, I also have the pattern Beach and Sea, Seahorse Zena and the pattern that I am currently designing. You will hear and see what that is soon.

But did you know that Victoria Amber Fleming also loves the beach and looking for shells? Her clothes also happen to be made in the colour Petrol. But is a coincidence...

It is now up to me to make a nice design with these 5 colours!

If you have a nice idea, please let me know. If I get started with your idea, I will definitely approach you to test the design!

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