The best hairstyles for amigurumi

Published on 10 April 2023 at 19:22
The best hairstyles for your amigurumi

The best hairstyles for your crocheted amigurumi dolls

and other creations

Having a good hair day is important!

Of course, the clothing of your crocheted doll is very important for the appearance of the creation, but just as important is the hair! A certain hair colour and the right hairstyle can really bring an amigurumi creation to life. My own Franklin Forge, on the other hand, has no hair, he goes through life bald and that really suits him!


What hairdo will my crocheted doll get?

There are multiple ways to make a nice hairstyle for your crocheted amigurumi. You can make hair from basically all the yarn there is, from cotton, acrylic and fluffy yarn, from very thin yarn to very thick yarn. You can tie the hair, crochet it, you can bake curls and use a doll's wig. Really the possibilities are limitless!

I have divided the different methods into 5 categories:


Baking curls in the oven

Using a doll's wig

Crocheting a hairstyle

Making a hairstyle by tying threads of yarn 

Using a piece of fake fur


All fun methods to make a beautiful hairstyle, so that your crocheted creation never has to experience a bad hair day again!  

(Click on the pictures, they will lead you to the patern!)

How do you make curly hair for your amigurumi doll?

How cool is that? Such a beautiful bunch of curls for your creation. This curly hairstyle can be made with acrylic yarn or cotton yarn. You need a few wooden plant sticks and an oven. 


Work description:

I took 4 sticks, which you use in the garden for the plants. Cut to size, because they have to fit in the oven! You leave the sticks in the water for 10 minutes. Then twist your yarn tightly around the sticks. Secure the ends. After this they go into the water for another 10 to 15 minutes. Then place them in a dish suitable for an oven  and bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 150 degrees Celsius. Let the curls cool. Make as much hair as you need.


When the hair has cooled you can cut them to size, I cut pieces of 22 cm (stretched) for Clair, and knotted them on the head. Cut the hair into model.


For Penny la Fleur's hairstyle I used cotton yarn and for Claire I made curls out of acrylic yarn.

Use a ready-made doll wig or a strand of acrylic hair for dolls

A very nice and easy solution for a hairstyle is to use a ready-made doll wig. You sew this on the head of your creation. You can also buy strands of acrylic hair and sew them in a circle on the head. You then start at the edges of the head and sew the hair in circles on the head until you are in the middle. If you have hair left, just cut it off. It is a bit more work, but the result is a lot of fun.

You can buy these strands in many colours, also in purple, pink and blue for example. For the ladies Holly and Joni the Hippie Elf I used strands of acrylic hair.

Crocheting a hairdo

Most hairstyles are crocheted from cotton or acrylic yarn and you can also make many variations on that. You can crochet a simple hairstyle like for example with Secretly Strong Simon or Baseball player Bobby Joe. 

You can also crochet these hairstyles with a Popcorn Stich, as with Mr. Pop Corn, or you can crochet them with fluffy yarn. Fluffy yarn immediately gives a somewhat fuller hairstyle. Just look at Alistair MacFire's hairstyle.

Crocheting long hair

Long hair or longer hair can also be crocheted very well, just look at Chef Antoine's hair and a new crochet pattern I'm working on.

 The base is a small circle and in the last Round I crocheted all strands of hair from chains with slip stitches or single crochets crocheted in them.

Tying hair on the head of your doll

Tying threads of yarn on the head of your doll also provides very nice hairstyles. You can tie the hairs directly to the head, but you can also first crochet a small hairpiece and tie the hairs in it.

To make hair in this way, cut off threads that are at least 2 times the length of the length of the hair you want to make. You fold a thread in half, stick your crochet hook through a stitch on the head and thus pass the loop through the head. Then you pull the rest of the hair through the loop, this is how you tie the hair. Make the hairstyle as full as you want. You can really use all kinds of yarn for this, such as cotton, acrylic and fluffy yarn. You can also mix different shades of one colour to get a more playful effect. If all threads are knotted, your creation can go to the hairdresser to model the hairstyle or to make a tail or a braid, for example. 

Take a piece of fake fur

Take a look at the hair of Alwin Oakleaf! Super fun and super simple. Just a piece of (fake) fur from a jacket.

It doesn't have to be that difficult to make a really nice hairstyle. Take a look at the hood of your own winter coat, isn't there a piece of nice fur on it? So before you get rid of your winter coat, take the fur off first!

As you can see, there is plenty of choice to make a very nice hairstyle or crochet a hairdo for your crocheted amigurumi creation. The most difficult thing is to choose which method you will use! Good luck playing hairdresser!


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