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I started blogging in 2018. In June 2021 I created this website, all my blogs up to April 2021 can be found on my Dutch website. 

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Crocheting is good for you!!

Do you also get so much satisfaction from crocheting beautiful creations? I probably don't have to tell you anymore that crocheting is a lot of fun! But did you know that crocheting and not only crocheting, but also any other creative hobby, is very healthy for you?

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The most fun Halloween crochet patterns

When I think of Halloween, I think of a fun party where you, dressed as a witch, zombie or something else scary, can scare each other! When my children were little and in elementary school, the Halloween party was just emerging in the region, blown over from America. 

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The best Autumn patterns

If you say autumn, I immediately think of beautiful autumn weather. Taking long walks in the forest, looking for chestnuts, acorns and pine cones to fill a nice bowl at home. Autumn is also a very colourful season, the leaves of the trees get the most beautiful colours, there are many beautiful mushrooms to see.

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How to take great pictures of your amigurumi!

You've just put the finishing touches on an amigurumi crochet pattern you were working on. The last threads of your crocheted creation are hidden away! And what a super fun amigurumi it has become! You are so proud that you would like to take a photo of it and share it on your own timeline on Facebook, on Instagram or in crochet-related Facebook groups. You're absolutely right! It is very nice to show your crocheted creations. I myself always find it very nice to look at the work of others.

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What is the best yarn to crochet Amigurumi?

You take a skein of yarn and a crochet hook and you can crochet any project you want? Is it really that simple? Almost! To crochet amigurumi you can choose from a lot of different types of yarn. It depends a bit on what you want to do with your amigurumi, which yarn you can use best. Are you going for an amigurumi as a decoration or a nice cuddly toy to play with? 

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Christmas in the Summer?!

Christmas in the summer?! Why not? It may be a little too early to think about Christmas, but before you know it, it's that time again!  Fellow crafters and crocheters will understand this: if you want to make something fun to put in the house during the Christmas period or to give as a gift, you will have to start on time. So if you want to be in Christmas atmospheres for the whole month of December and it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to make nice things, then it is important to start at least mid-October!!

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Summer captured in a crochet pattern

You won't believe it, but I thought it would be fun to tell you a bit more about some members of my CB's Creations Family. The first one I thought of was my Farmer Hank. As it turns out, I made the pattern of Farmer Hank 5 years ago! It couldn't be more beautiful, to celebrate his 5th anniversary with an ode to this handsome Farmer Hank! 

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