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Where does all my inspiration come from?
What do I use to create my creations?
The answer can be found in these blogs! Have fun reading!


I started blogging in 2018. In June 2021 I created this website, all my blogs up to April 2021 can be found on my Dutch website. 

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The nicest crocheted beach and sea decorations

If you do not live close to the sea and still want to get the beach feeling in your home, then it is nice to get started with it yourself. I will give you some ideas on how you can make nice decorations for your home with your crocheted creations around the theme of beach and sea. You will also be introduced to Seahorse Zena. Of course, she should not be missing in your piece of the beach at your own home!

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Help, there is sand in my crochet work

My husband and I regularly go to the coast. For example, during the summer holidays we sometimes go to the beach for a week. I grew up in Den Helder (The Netherlands) and every year I have to go to the beach and the sea. Just hear, see, feel and smell the sea! But if you've been following me for a while, this is old news!

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What makes a crochet along so much fun?

Of course, you as a crochet fanatic know exactly what is meant by a crochet along! But if you haven't been crocheting for that long, you may never have heard of a crochet along. So if you are wondering what a crochet along is when reading the title, I have a nice blog ready for you to read a detailed description of what a CAL is, as it is also called. What is a crochet along?

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Great tips to crochet with Fluffy Yarn

Fluffy yarn is so soft, so cuddly! You just have to crochet with it!! Maybe you have guessed it, but I am a big fan of fluffy yarn! If you ask me if I want to crochet with fluffy yarn then my answer will be: Yes, of course! But not everyone is a fan of that lovely fluffy yarn!

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Interview with Mrs Milly

Mrs Milly designs super cute long legged creations, often with striped legs in delicious sweet colours!  But there are also other cute creations from her hand such as Puck the Polar Bear and the monkeys Ziggy and Zoë!! 

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